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Bene-Marc, Inc. Blog: sports league insurance

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Sports insurance is incredibly important for sports leagues. If you’re running an amateur or youth sports league, you and your employees face a lot of liability risks. It’s crucial to keep your league and its participants safe. READ MORE >>

No one can deny that sexual harassment and misconduct occur in social settings every day. When these incidents occur, they can prove devastating to victims and enterprises alike. One area of particular risk is within sporting organizations, such as youth leagues. What can you do to protect your team in  case a problem occurs? READ MORE >>

Managing and running a sports league is like running a business. Various managers function as employees and the game is the product. Players rely on the league to meet their service needs. Sports leagues can enjoy various types of commercial insurance. Let’s discuss some of the types of protection available. READ MORE >>

Managing a sports team involves more than getting the best scores. You also have to consider the team’s finances and what risks may threaten that aspect of the game. While some financial risks may seem obvious, others may be little more than an afterthought. READ MORE >>

If you own or manage a sports team or league, you’re probably all too familiar with the financial risks you all must face every time you step on the field. And like many teams, yours may have some big games around the holidays. Before you face off in a holiday tournament, take some time to ensure that your team is covered by sports league insurance. READ MORE >>

If you manage a sports league, you have a duty to keep your players and the fields you play at safe and sound. It’s a big job that goes well beyond requiring the use of helmets. You’ll need to develop a game plan to ensure the protection of players, coaches, employees and volunteers throughout the season. READ MORE >>

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