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Bene-Marc, Inc. Blog: sports insurance

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If you are in charge of organizing a sports clinic, you need insurance for any eventuality. A variety of accidents might occur, but one of the most obvious might include injuries to your players, staff, volunteers and even spectators. When these injuries occur, then you might need to spring into action. READ MORE >>

Running a sports camp is a lot of hard work. You want to make it the best possible experience for your employees and participants. However, you have to do what you must to keep everyone safe at the same time. To help yourself and your subordinate parties out, you'll probably need various types of insurance. READ MORE >>

The kids might be out of school for the summer. Still, that doesn't mean the work stops for the school's administration. Nor does it mean that the school's PTO organizations will fold up shop. Most have quite a few steps to take before the next year starts, after all. READ MORE >>

Throughout the school year, your booster club might host a variety of special events. These might involve students, teachers, administrators, parents and the general public. However, during these events, there is always a chance that someone could get hurt. Even if the accident was not the club's fault, the affected parties might need help. READ MORE >>

When it comes to college athletics, sports are a lot different from the average little league team. These teams are often professionally-managed and coordinated, and they have significant financial investments attached to them. Furthermore, for all parties involved, personal, commercial and financial risks might exist. READ MORE >>

Your sports league wants to help people come together, exercise and have fun. However, there is always a chance that something could go wrong. You might expose your players, volunteers and others to unintentional risks of harm. Therefore, you need to create as secure an operation as you can. READ MORE >>

Spring is here, and that means it is baseball season. Whether you are a spectator or a player, you know that, at times, America's pastime could create safety risks. Weighted balls, flying through the air at high speeds, along with a preponderance of heavy metal bats, could easily injure players and spectators. READ MORE >>

You might welcome multiple players with different skillsets to your sports camp. Some might have many years of experience, while others are new players or play casually. Regardless of skill level, you will still have to see to every participant's safety. This includes protecting them from injury. READ MORE >>

Sports clinics are not medical offices. They are practices for professionals and amateur players to work together on skills. There are a lot of opportunities for novices and experienced players to interact. Clinics often have a larger staff diversity than somewhere like a sporting goods store, for instance. READ MORE >>

Your booster club generally operates under the supervision of a school or board. However, it also maintains a significant degree of organizational autonomy. That could open the club up to significant risks and liabilities. Therefore, insurance coverage is a necessity for the club's protection. READ MORE >>

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