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SCMAF is a non-profit organization of recreation professionals from cities, school districts, industry, and district agencies servicing 10 Southern California Counties. Over 500,000 youths and adults participate in SCMAF programs annually. READ MORE >>

College rivalries, tailgating, thrilling matches. Intercollegiate athletics are exciting to watch and fun to play. They open up a world of possibility—and a world of danger. It’s no secret that athletics are dangerous. Sports present several risks of bodily injury, some on the extreme end. READ MORE >>

PTAs, or Parent Teacher Associations, are a fantastic way for parents and teachers to work together in order to give children and students the motivation and education they need to succeed. Any event or activity concerning children presents a lot of risk, however. READ MORE >>

Sports insurance is incredibly important for sports leagues. If you’re running an amateur or youth sports league, you and your employees face a lot of liability risks. It’s crucial to keep your league and its participants safe. READ MORE >>

Physical education programs for children K-12 are extremely important in teaching basic motor skills and healthy physical activities. With so much technology that causes bent necks and hunched shoulders, PE is perhaps more important than ever at young ages. READ MORE >>

If you’re looking to build a sports camp or already have one, you have a lot to focus on. Equipment, staff, advertising, commercial property insurance, and more are all important factors to get just right. It can be easy to overlook one of the most important parts of your camp: insurance. READ MORE >>

Running a sports clinic can be a lot of fun, but it comes with its own perils. If you’re running a clinic for youths, it can be especially dangerous, as accidents are bound to happen. Although you and your team take as many precautions as you can to make sure your participants are safe, injuries occur constantly in sports, especially when young athletes are involved. READ MORE >>

As a PTO organizer, you have a lot of people who rely on you to put on fun, safe and well-coordinated events for your school. You also have to do so professionally and with an eye for detail. After all, if something goes wrong during the event, then you might have to take responsibility for the accident. READ MORE >>

Sports can be dangerous for anyone. It’s not just players who might get hurt, but also coaches, volunteers or even spectators. In these cases, it might be up to the team to help cover the costs of the injured party’s medical bills—not to mention other potential recovery costs. READ MORE >>

PTAs are part of your school, but they also are independent organizations. That’s why schools’ insurance policies frequently do not extend to the PTA. As a result, if you are a PTA leader, then you probably have to assume responsibility for the conduct of the group, as well as any liabilities you face within the business. READ MORE >>

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