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As a PTO organizer, you have a lot of people who rely on you to put on fun, safe and well-coordinated events for your school. You also have to do so professionally and with an eye for detail. After all, if something goes wrong during the event, then you might have to take responsibility for the accident. READ MORE >>

Sports can be dangerous for anyone. It’s not just players who might get hurt, but also coaches, volunteers or even spectators. In these cases, it might be up to the team to help cover the costs of the injured party’s medical bills—not to mention other potential recovery costs. READ MORE >>

PTAs are part of your school, but they also are independent organizations. That’s why schools’ insurance policies frequently do not extend to the PTA. As a result, if you are a PTA leader, then you probably have to assume responsibility for the conduct of the group, as well as any liabilities you face within the business. READ MORE >>

Sporting leagues often function much in the same way as businesses. These leagues might be amateur or professional. They might require part- or full-time commitments from employees and players. Regardless of the size or scope of the business side of the league, the operation still needs insurance coverage, particularly liability insurance. READ MORE >>

School systems are underfunded enough as it is, and that means any educational program manager needs to safeguard their assets very well. If you are a PE teacher or coach, you probably know exactly how much money you have invested in your equipment. READ MORE >>

If you are in charge of organizing a sports clinic, you need insurance for any eventuality. A variety of accidents might occur, but one of the most obvious might include injuries to your players, staff, volunteers and even spectators. When these injuries occur, then you might need to spring into action. READ MORE >>

Running a sports camp is a lot of hard work. You want to make it the best possible experience for your employees and participants. However, you have to do what you must to keep everyone safe at the same time. To help yourself and your subordinate parties out, you'll probably need various types of insurance. READ MORE >>

The kids might be out of school for the summer. Still, that doesn't mean the work stops for the school's administration. Nor does it mean that the school's PTO organizations will fold up shop. Most have quite a few steps to take before the next year starts, after all. READ MORE >>

Throughout the school year, your booster club might host a variety of special events. These might involve students, teachers, administrators, parents and the general public. However, during these events, there is always a chance that someone could get hurt. Even if the accident was not the club's fault, the affected parties might need help. READ MORE >>

The school year is rapidly approaching its close. Before summer break beckons, there will probably be a lot of special events going on around your child's school. In many cases, it is the responsibility of the school's PTA to organize these events. READ MORE >>

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