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Bene-Marc, Inc. is proud to be one of the first insurance companies in the marketplace to offer special event insurance to colleges, universities, municipalities, parks, and venues across America. As the insurance world began to realize the liability risk of allowing guests to rent or use a facility, a need for special event insurance was born. As a leader and trend setter for special event insurance, Bene-Marc, Inc. was one of the first companies to begin covering events to protect the venue and 3rd party users in case of unforeseen accidents.

Bene-Marc, Inc. partners with hundreds of colleges and universities to offer coverage for weddings, seminars, graduations, parties, concerts, and sporting events to make sure the focus remains on the event instead of the risk. The most stressful part of any event is choosing the venue, speaker, band, decorations, and food and beverages. But what happens when the location asks you to get special event insurance to cover the venue with insurance limits that look like Greek to you? The answer is simple, call Bene-Marc!

A licensed team of insurance agents is available to work with every client to help him or her procure the necessary limits of insurance required by venues, exhibitors, concessionaires, or vendors. Allow the Bene-Marc team the privilege of working with you to get a certificate of insurance for your event that will keep you and the venue safe, while the party, celebration, or victory dance goes on into the night.

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