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PTO Today is one of the largest providers of PTO/PTA/Booster Club Insurance in the United States. PTO Today has partnered with Bene-Marc, Inc. to offer affordable insurance packages to its members to protect against theft, injury, property damage and embezzlement. You can trust PTO Today and Bene-Marc to provide parent group insurance coverage, so you can focus on what matters most, the children!

Types of Coverage Options Offered:

General Liability insurance has become mandatory for the majority of venues, schools, and municipalities in the United States in order to hold a PTO sponsored event. Through Bene-Marc, PTO Today is able to offer General Liability insurance to protect your group and volunteers against 3rd party bodily injury and property damage claims. General Liability in the amount of $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 in the aggregate is offered per parent organization to protect your organization.

While a parent organization is hosting a sponsored event, an accident or injury can happen to one of the participants which can result in significant medical costs. PTO Today has partnered with Bene-Marc to offer Excess Accident Medical insurance to provide coverage to participants in PTO sponsored events in the case of injury to the participant. The coverage is excess to any primary medical insurance the participant or the participant's guardian (in the case of a minor) may have in place. There is a $25,000 annual limit to the Excess Accident Insurance.

PTO/PTA/Booster Club board members are responsible for making decisions and running your group. Any one of your board members can be sued personally for a decision made by your group. That is why Bene-Marc and PTO Today have partnered to provide D&O insurance to protect board members if a “mismanagement” or “misrepresentation” claim is filed. $1,000,000 per claim and $1,000,000 aggregate limit per parent organization is offered to PTO/PTA/Booster Club groups.

It’s hard to imagine any of your volunteers stealing from the PTO funds. Unfortunately, theft from the PTO is something that many groups have had to overcome. Through Bene-Marc, PTO Today is able to offer Crime Insurance Coverage to replace the stolen money so your group can continue operating business as usual. $25,000 is the annual limit for this risk.

Your group works hard to raise and allocate funds each year. Property Insurance protects your parent group property against theft and damage. Bene-Marc has partnered with PTO Today to offer this coverage to its members in the amount of $10,000 for the annual limit.

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Specialty Programs

Keenan Special Event Program

Keenan and Associates is the largest privately held insurance brokerage consulting firm in California. Keenan and Associates has partnered with Bene-Marc, Inc. Insurance to provide tenant user special event insurance to thousands of schools, junior colleges, and municipalities in the state of California. To purchase Keenan Special Event insurance through Bene-Marc, simply login to

SCMAF Special Event Program

SCMAF is a non-profit organization of recreation professionals from cities, school districts, industry, and district agencies servicing 10 Southern California Counties. Over 500,000 youths and adults participate in SCMAF programs annually. One of the programs SCMAF offers through Bene-Marc Insurance is a tenant user special event insurance program for its members. To purchase SCMAF Special Event Insurance through Bene-Marc, simply login to

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