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Each year around the country you can feel the excitement in the air as teams and leagues prepare to match up against one another to begin a new season of play. However, what happens when the ball is snapped, the goal is scored, or the person on 3rd base slides into home plate to score the winning point and someone is injured? Thankfully, Bene-Marc, Inc. allows you to focus on the game, while we focus on providing you the insurance you need.

Choosing the coverage options required to protect your team, coaches, and players can be very confusing. That is why the Bene-Marc team is made up of licensed agents with over 150 years of insurance experience combined. Our staff is available to help you customize your insurance limits, deductibles, and options that fit the needs of your specific league or tournament. Allow us to focus on the risk while you focus on the play.

Whether it is league or tournament coverage you need, Bene-Marc, Inc. is waiting to assist you today. The Bene-Marc staff asks for the privilege of working with your league, team, or tournament to find an insurance plan that works for you. When you call Bene-Marc to procure insurance, you will always find a live person at the other end of the phone during business hours ready to assist you. Allow us to be the agent in whom you entrust your insurance needs, so you can allow more time for what really matters, watching the first play of your child’s game.

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Why do I have to purchase both Accident Medical and General Liability insurance for my League? What is the difference?

To give adequate protection for both participants and coaches and to obtain playing fields, both coverages are needed. Accident Medical insurance protects the players and coaches from an accidental injury that happens during sanctioned practice or play. This insurance is excess to any other valid and collectible insurance that may be in place for players or coaches.

The General Liability insurance protects you, your League officials, and volunteers for any bodily injury or property damage to a third party that your League would be legally obligated to pay as a result of your negligence. Evidence of General Liability insurance is usually required by a field owner before a League can use that property.

How quickly can coverage be bound for my League?

Coverage can bound the same day we receive and approve a completed application with its accompanying premium in our office. Evidence of insurance coverage in the form of a Certificate of Insurance will be issued when your account is processed.

Why would my League need Directors & Officers coverage? Doesn't my General Liability policy protect my League and the decisions the officers may make?

Your General Liability policy may not cover certain types of lawsuits that involve such issues as discrimination, wrongful termination of a coach, suspension of League personnel, or rule book disputes. This D & O policy would protect you and your League against these types of wrongful acts where your General Liability primarily covers bodily injury and property damage to a third party. No organization is immune from being named in a lawsuit. Disciplinary action against an individual who doesn't believe League rules have been violated could result in a suit against the organization. This policy would cover the legal costs related to defending the League against such a suit.

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