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Each August excitement is in the air as children and teens come bursting through the front doors of their local schools excited to start the new school year amidst their friends. But what happens when an injury takes place during an extracurricular activity or sporting event? Is your school or the injured party covered? Rest assured, Bene-Marc, Inc. is available to help you explore the different kinds of insurance options that are right for your school.

Bene-Marc is proud to work with K-12 schools in the state of Texas, as well as other states, to help determine the extent of coverage their school’s activities warrant. The three most widely used types of coverage include Blanket Mandatory School Coverage, K-12 Voluntary Student Accident Insurance, and Catastrophic Accident Insurance Coverage. Choosing the proper coverage, limits, deductible, and benefits can be confusing for anyone. That is why Bene-Marc is proud to have licensed agents available to meet with your school, trainers, risk manager, or Board of Directors to assess the specific needs of your district.

One size does not fit all. That is why Bene-Marc offers different coverage plans to help you decide which option works best for your school. Blanket Mandatory School Sponsored Insurance is specifically designed to cover sport and non-sport related school sanctioned activities. Not only are athletic events covered, but this insurance will protect students participating in extracurricular activities such as drama, debate, and school related clubs.

Whether you are a large school district, small district, or private school, Bene-Marc has an insurance option to provide protection to the students at your school. K-12 Student Accident Insurance is voluntary and covers students while at school or on a school sponsored activity. This policy can be extended to cover a student 24 hours a day and serve as a blanket policy to cover accidents before and after school.

A parent’s worst nightmare is witnessing their child severely injured during a sporting event or extracurricular activity. Catastrophic Accident Insurance is extended coverage of the Blanket Mandatory Policy which covers large scale accidents with limits as high as 7.5 million dollars. This coverage helps families in their time of need the most by having funds available to help with rehabilitation of the injured student. Call a licensed K-12 agent at Bene-Marc today to see how your school district can protect the most valuable commodity, our children.


What activities are covered under the "Blanket Mandatory" insurance program?

All activities, both sport and non-sport, are covered under a "Blanket Mandatory" plan. The activities must be school sanctioned and supervised by appointed school personnel. No rosters are needed under a Blanket Mandatory plan. Along with travel in school vehicles, practice and play are covered. When a school district purchases Blanket Mandatory coverage, K-12 field trip coverage is included at no extra charge. This field trip coverage is limited to day trips in school vehicles.

Under the Voluntary Student Accident Plan, are the premium rates paid each month?

No, the rates shown on the brochure are the YEARLY rates. However, there is no prorata refund of premium if the coverage is purchased during the school year. The individual student effective date of coverage for the Voluntary Student Accident is when the application, along with premium, is received in our office. If the application is given to the school district, the effective date is when the school receives the check and application.

All school activities, with the exception of senior high football, can be covered by "at school coverage." There is a separate premium charge for senior high football.

Does the Catastrophic Insurance Cover Non-Sport Activities?

At the discretion of the district, the Catastrophic Insurance can cover sport, non-sport, physical education classes, intramural, and all students of the district. There is a separate premium to cover these groups.

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