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For over 40 years, Bene-Marc, Inc. has been an industry leader in writing intercollegiate athletic insurance to colleges across the United States. When accidents happen at the intercollegiate level, Bene-Marc offers accident/injury coverage for all student athletes, trainers, cheerleaders, band members, drill teams, and more to provide the coverage each person needs in case of an unforeseen injury in college.

Rest easy knowing this coverage is in effect for all student athletes listed on the enrollment form during play, practice, and travel to a school sponsored group on an authorized team trip. Basic coverage is designed to coordinate with the NCAA Catastrophic deductible. Whether it is NCAA, NAIA, or NJCAA coverage you need, Bene-Marc is available to present different insurance plans from “A” rated carriers tailored to fit your budget and insurance needs for your specific college.

Catastrophic Athletic Insurance, termed CAT, is without a doubt one of the most valuable insurance options student athletes depend on today to protect them in case of a catastrophic injury. Catastrophic insurance provides coverage for catastrophically injured athletes to ensure that the injured person can receive coverage for medical bills, disability, adjustments, vehicles, home, and education. This insurance also helps protect against lawsuits resulting from an injury to a college athlete to protect the university in case legal action is taken against the institution.

Bene-Marc is available to discuss plan designs with your junior college, college, or university today. The seasoned intercollegiate insurance agents at Bene-Marc are ready to assist your risk management team with accident/injury insurance, catastrophic insurance, and AD&D insurance today. Enjoy tailgating, team spirit, and athletic play knowing Bene-Marc has your back even before the ball is snapped.

Why Use BENE-MARC For Your Intercollegiate Coverage?

  • BENE-MARC insures intercollegiate athletics programs in colleges across the nation. The proof of how well our service and programs work is evidenced by the fact that there are colleges we insured over 25 years ago that are still our clients today.
  • BENE-MARC offers a full spectrum of athletics insurance products including Basic, Catastrophic, Staff AD & D, Sports Camps, and Club and Intramural Athletics coverage.
  • BENE-MARC can offer alternatives to consider, such as Self Insured (aggregate and deductible) plans.
  • BENE-MARC utilizes carriers and PPO's that obtain discounts from your local providers.
  • BENE-MARC uses only "A" rated carriers who have proven track records in athletics insurance.
  • BENE-MARC offers highly competitive rates for intercollegiate athletics insurance.
  • BENE-MARC is one of the nation's oldest insurers of intercollegeate athletics.
  • BENE-MARC insures colleges nationwide.

Intercollegiate Insurance Coverage Available From BENE-MARC

  • Basic Athletics Insurance
    This level provides basic accident/injury coverage for all student athletics, student manager/trainers, cheerleaders, and any other category of students you have elected to cover that relates to intercollegiate athletics such as band, dance, drill teams, etc.

    This coverage is in effect for all students listed on the enrollment form during play, practice, and travel of a school sponsored group or on an authorized team trip. Basic coverage is designed to coordinate with the NCAA Catastrophic deductible of $90,000. For NAIA or NJCAA, the basic coverage limit is $25,000. Basic plans can be tailored to fit your budget. For further assistance call the college department insurance team at (800) 247-1734 to discuss available options.
  • Catastrophic Athletics Insurance
    Member institutions of the NCAA and NAIA have this coverage provided through these associations. However, NJCAA and other association members should be aware of the need to purchase this most important coverage. Catastrophic Insurance, termed CAT, is without a doubt the best buy in athletics insurance. It provides extended coverage for catastrophically injured athletes and with its benefits assists the injured person in leading a normal lifestyle. Not only will CAT coverage pay medical, disability, adjustment, vehicle, home, and education benefits, but it serves to deter possible lawsuits resulting from the injury.
  • Staff Accidental Death and Dismemberment
    This coverage is available to employees of the athletics department. Some schools elect to insure all employees, while others elect to insure key employees. Either way, levels of coverage may vary according to job description.

    This coverage is also available for “guests” of the athletics department and would be in effect during travel or while on camps at the invitation and expense of the athletics department.

What are the products you offer?

For college athletics programs we offer both Basic Athletic and Catastrophic coverages. Basic Athletic coverage provides accident/injury insurance for all student athletes, managers, trainers, cheerleaders, and any other category of students you have elected to cover. Catastrophic, also known as Cat, provides extended coverage for students injured permanently or disabled while competing, traveling, or practicing. We offer Intramural and Club coverage as well as Staff AD & D for employees of the Athletic Department.

What are the policy limits of these coverages?

NJCAA and NAIA schools have Basic Athletic maximums of $25,000. Catastrophic coverage for these schools has a $25,000 deductible and a maximum benefit of $5 million. With the Cat deductible set at the policy maximum for Basic Athletic, schools have first dollar coverage by purchasing these two plans to $5 million.

NCAA schools have Cat furnished by the NCAA with a deductible of $90,000. Basic coverage for these schools has a maximum benefit of $90,000.

What needs to be done to receive a quote for our intercollegiate coverage?

Simply complete the Quotation Request Form found in your brochure or call us at 800-247-1734 and we will email, fax, or mail you a form. Once we receive your completed form, we will provide quotes from several "A" rated carriers with no obligation on your part.

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