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Camp and Clinic Insurance 

Bene-Marc Sports Camp and Clinic Insurance focuses on providing coverage for instructional camps and clinic for youth and adults across the United States.  With over 43 years in the sports insurance business, Bene-Marc is proud to write camp and clinic insurance for thousands of camps in all 50 states each year. 



$ 1,000,000


$ 3,000,000


$ 1,000,000

Personal & Advertising Injury


Spectator Medical Expense


Fire Damage


Products & Completed Operations


TRIA (Certified” Acts of Terrorism)


*Hired Non Owned Automobile

$ 1,000,000

$ 2,000,000

*Sexual Abuse & Molestation


*Third Party Property Damage


*Sports Equipment

$ 5,000,000

Excess Liability (Optional)

*Available for additional premium pending underwriter approval.




Excess Accident Limit

$ 100/500

Deductible Camp / Tournament

*Multiple excess accident limits, liability limits, sexual abuse and molestation limits, and deductible options available 

Sexual Abuse and Molestation (Optional) Up to $1,000,000/$2,000,000
Excess Limits (Optional) Up to $5,000,000

*Many different rates and options available upon request 

Eligible Activities and Sports 

Youth (18 & under) and Adult (19 & over) Participants – Day and Overnight Camps

The following activities and sports are eligible:


- Aerobics                                       - Cross Country Running                        - Indoor Table Sports                           - Swimming*

- Archery                                         - Curling                                                     - Kick Ball                                                 - Tennis

- Badminton                                   - Dance                                                      - Music                                                      - Theater

- Band                                              - Educational                                            - Racquetball                                          - Track and Field*

- Baseball                                        - Fencing                                                   - Rowing, Crewing, Sculling*               - Twirling

- Basketball                                     - Football – Non Contact                      - Running                                                 - Ultimate Frisbee

- Bowling                                         - Golf                                                          - Soccer                                                    - Volleyball

- Computer                                     - Handball                                                 - Softball                               

- Cricket                                           - Ice Skating                                              - Squash                               

* Rowing, Crewing, Sculling - No Ocean, Whitewater or Rafting          * Swimming – No Diving or Slides      

* Track and Field – No Pole Vaulting or Javelin


Youth (18 & under) Only Participants - Day and Overnight Camps

The following activities and sports are eligible:


- Cheerleading*                             - Ice Hockey –No Checking*            - Pom-Pom*                                               - Tumbling*

- Field Hockey                                - Lacrosse                                             - Roller Hockey –No Checking*             - Wrestling

- Football – Contact*                    - Majorettes*                                       - T-Ball                                       

  (15 & under Only) 

* Cheerleading – Pyramids no more than 2 high                                   * Pom-Pom - Pyramids no more than 2 high (see exclusions)        

* Football – Contact – Ages 15 & under only                                          * Roller Hockey - No checking, Rink only

* Ice Hockey – No checking, Rink only                                                     * Tumbling - Pyramids no more than 2 high (see exclusions)        

* Majorettes - Pyramids no more than 2 high


Optional Coverages Available


Contact your agent at Bene-Marc for prices and options. Subject to additional underwriting and premium. 


- Sexual Abuse and Molestation Coverage                                   - Miscellaneous Property Floater (Sports Equipment)

- Non-Owned Automobile Coverage                                             - Directors and Officers / Employment Practices Liability




The following represent only some of the exclusions contained in the policy. 

  •  All-Terrain Vehicles and Golf Carts
  •  Haunted Houses
  •  Rock Climbing
  •  Bungee Jumping
  •  Inflatable Amusement Devices
  •  Ropes Courses
  •  Directors and Officers Liability
  •  Miscellaneous Property Floater
  •  Saddle Animals or Animal Acts
  •  Employment Practices Liability
  •  Motorized Vehicles
  •  Sexual Abuse & Molestation
  •  Film Production
  •  Non-Owned Auto
  •  Trampolines
  •  Fireworks or Pyrotechnics
  •  Paint Ball
  •  Triathlons
  •  Gymnastics & Gymnastics Apparatus
  •  Professional Sports
  •  Wall Climbing
  •  Cheerleading, Majorettes, Pom-Pom – Pyramids more than 2 bodies high when participants are on hands and knees. Placing, supporting, stacking or positioning themselves on the shoulders, backs, head or arms of others. Aerial stunts, tournaments or competitions of any kind.

Participant Reporting

The following is an example of what you will be asked to fill out.
Please check one:    Estimated Number of Campers What date will your final numbers be available? (___/___/___ )                                    

                                   ⬜ Actual Number of Campers

You MUST calculate and send premium based on your estimated exposure.  Audit forms will be sent with proof of coverage for those who are estimating their participation count.  You are required to report every camp date and participant as well as submit any additional premium for your activities for coverage to remain in effect.  

NOTE:  Refunds may ONLY be considered for camp cancellations. Requests for cancellations must be submitted in writing prior to the start date of the camp and confirmed by our office. Refunds will be subject to policy terms and conditions, which include fully earned minimum premiums. Refunds may be subject to a cancellation penalty.


Camp Details

 Your proof of coverage will list the specific camp dates you report to Bene-Marc and for which a premium is paidList each camp session on a separate line. The information you provide in this section should be used to calculate your premium in the next section. Attach an additional sheet if necessary. 

 NOTE:  Anytime your camp is in session it is considered a full day. (Example: ABC Camp met for a 1-hour session. They will need to report all the campers that came to the session for the 1 hour as an entire day.) Please report accordingly. 

Exact Camp Dates

(EX: 07/01/2014 - 07/08/2014)

Total # of

Camp Days

Type of Camp

(Sport / Activity)

Day or Overnight

# of Youth

(18 & under) Campers

# of Adult

(19 & over)


# of Staff















































































With one simple phone call or e-mail, an informative and friendly agent is available to help you make an educated decision about which coverage options best protect your summer camps and clinics. The job of the Bene-Marc team is to allow you to concentrate on the skills and drills for your upcoming camps and clinics while we focus on providing you the insurance coverage specifically designed for your upcoming camps.  Allow the Bene-Marc staff the privilege of working with your camp or clinic today by calling our camp department to reach a friendly insurance agent ready to assist you.


Play hard and rest easy knowing you are covered…

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