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Hydrating is a key part of playing sports. Your body needs proper hydration to continue functioning properly. Drinking plenty of water during the hot summer months is easy since people feel thirstier in the heat, but what about when fall settles in? READ MORE >>

Planning a big event takes a great deal of time and effort, along with a sizeable investment in many cases. And while you may have created contingency plans for various risks that could threaten the event as a whole, you can never completely eliminate risk. But what types of risks can impact your event? READ MORE >>

Playing sports in the hot summer months can be tough on your team. From practice to games, working up a sweat can take a lot out of your players. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to cool down once team events wind down. Let’s look at a few ideas! Are you playing in or near a park that has water features or a pool? READ MORE >>

Plenty of people enjoy playing sports, but it can get tiresome under the hot summer sun. You know it’s important to keep your players fueled and healthy, so we’ve compiled a list of some simple, refreshing summer snacks that can help recharge players during practice and games. READ MORE >>

Planning a special event is a big job, and one that can take up to a year to accomplish. A crucial piece of the puzzle is organization. Without a clear plan, you may be aimlessly lost during the planning process, resulting in a sloppy event. But you can do much better than that. READ MORE >>

Playing a sport isn’t just about winning. It’s also about comradery, honing skills and having fun. In order for a player to be his/her best, safety must be a high priority for any sports team. We’ve compiled some basic safety tips that you, as a coach or team manager, can practice to keep your players safe on the field or court. READ MORE >>

There are many moving pieces involved in planning a special event, such as a carnival, wedding or family reunion. Coordinating these events is no easy feat. It takes a lot of organization and a lot of patience to ensure the venue, vendors, food, tables and more are ready to go on time for the event. READ MORE >>

Are you planning a wedding, carnival, birthday bash or other large special event? Chances are, you have a list of tasks you must complete before the big day or weekend. But is buying special event insurance on your to-do list? Special event insurance may seem like one more expense that can be eliminated to stay on budget. READ MORE >>

Managing a sports team involves more than getting the best scores. You also have to consider the team’s finances and what risks may threaten that aspect of the game. While some financial risks may seem obvious, others may be little more than an afterthought. READ MORE >>

If you own or manage a sports team or league, you’re probably all too familiar with the financial risks you all must face every time you step on the field. And like many teams, yours may have some big games around the holidays. Before you face off in a holiday tournament, take some time to ensure that your team is covered by sports league insurance. READ MORE >>

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